Youth Football Scotland | 2016/17 National Team Matches
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Scotland v Ireland (University Men)Scotland v England (University Men)Scotland v England (University Women)England v Wales (University Men)England v Wales (University Women)Scotland v Wales (University Men)Scotland v Wales (University Women)Scotland v Ireland (U18 Schoolboys)Scotland v Estonia (U21s)Scotland v Switzerland (U17s)Scotland v Serbia (U17s)Scotland v Montenegro (U17s)Scotland Schoolboys' trip to Wales (Seniors)Scotland v France (WU19)Scotland v Italy (WU19)Scotland v Austria (U16s)Scotland vs England (U18 Schoolboys)Scotland v Iceland (U16s)Scotland v Croatia (U16s)Scotland v Czech Republic (WU16)Scotland v Iceland (WU16)Scotland v Austria (WU16)SISFA v Australia (U18 Schoolgirls)SISFA v Australia (U18 Schoolboys)Scotland v Australia (U18 Schoolboys)Wales v Northern Ireland (U16s)Scotland v Republic of Ireland (U16s)Scotland v Wales (U16s)Northern Ireland v Republic of Ireland (U16s)Wales v Republic of Ireland (U16s)Scotland v Northern Ireland (U16s)Scotland v France (WU17)Scotland v Kazakhstan (WU17)Scotland v Croatia (WU17)Scotland v France (U16s)Scotland v Cyprus (WU19)Scotland v Albania (WU19)Scotland v FYR Macedonia (U21s)